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If you're tired, overwhelmed, depressed, or even stressed,



This book was written to help you grow and help you realize what YOU are capable of. These are my own personal stories combined into one to inspire and influence others.


If you’re working for a terrible manager, going through huge changes and feel stuck in a political and social movement like I was, please understand this, you may be tired but you are strong. Much of us end up neglecting ourselves and start focusing on things that will end up hurting or holding us back.


"The more we value things, the less we value ourselves".

-Bruce Lee

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What People Are Saying...

Michele H., London

An easy-to read page turner I devoured for its simplicity and authenticity. You'll be taken through an "epic" of life events described with humor and realism, and will constantly be reminded that the only person you ever need to be is yourself.

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Tropical Leaves

Deb G., LA County

This is the author’s memoir telling her story from her early years to the present day and the many complications she faced along the way.  She addresses important issues including bullying, physical and mental health, and sexual harassment.  The story Is delivered with honesty and humor.

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