My Story

Growing up in Hayward, California as one of three white kids in a school of 1,600, my experience was diverse. With my multi-parent lifestyle, I learned to adapt to ever-changing environments and rules.  In 2020, I walked away from a lucrative tech job to start Green Chameleon Collective. 

I started Green Chameleon Collective with a singular mission: to shape how the next generation of business leaders can remain unique and true to themselves and turn that uniqueness into an advantage.

Nikki Green_pics with mic1.jpg

Unique starts with YOU!  I can't wait to help you on your journey, so you can find strength in your uniqueness.

My Mission

I want to empower the next generation of leaders...

  • To feel confident to be themselves

  • To bring their unique perspectives to every conversation

  • And to drive the change that is needed across so many facets of our lives