F*ck the Algorithms

Time to get real with the overwhelming options to promote your business over social media.  In this solo episode, Nikki G breaks it down on how to maintain focus on your marketing goals, stop falling victim to the internet gurus telling you to obey the all mighty algorithms, and find harmony with your strategy and balance in your life.


Part 1 - Podcast

This week’s episode is called “F*ck the Algorithms” and we are going to talk openly about the issues plaguing today’s digital marketing & social media trends. 

“Don’t just ‘think outside the box,’

Take yourself OUT of the box you’ve been put it.”

- Todd Bauerle, Bauerle Consulting 

Part 2 - YouTube

Head over to my YouTube Channel to watch a short screen share demonstration on how to clean up your IG feed from the bots and dreaded follow-unfollowers.