Episode #6
OPP, Other People's Podcasts

In this solo episode, Nikki G showcases other podcasters who are inspiring her.

She shares two of her favorite podcasts and how they helped her evolve her business, write her book, and create this very podcast!

Stay tuned for future episodes of OPP where we feature the latest creatives inspiring us!  Know of someone we should be listening to?  Send us an email and let us know!


Creative Agency

Inspiration #1
Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo

If you haven't listened to Jay Acunzo, you are missing out.  Not a new podcast, since Jay has been ahead of his time in the podcast space since 2016, but still good advice today for those of us just getting into the podcast or other creative spaces.

“Let’s stop acting like experts and

start acting like explorers.”

- Jay Acunzo, Unthinkable:

A podcast about Creativity at Work

Inspiration #2,
Can Someone Tell Me What to Do?, with Sophie Elwin

While trying to understand the mindset of 20-something's today, I stumbled across this great podcast by Sophie Elwin.  In "Can Someone tell me What to do?" Sophie covers all sorts of topics which are on every 20-somethings mind.  Everything from finding a job, to how to be a good feminist, Sophie and her guests are a joy to listen to and learn from.  all you need is a nice glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy!

Looking at the Flowers